And then there were two …

Friday, July 20 couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Seriously. All of the wedding horror stories about the band arriving late or the best man passing out … I waited for something, anything to go wrong but nothing did. I credit this to 1) careful planning 2) incredibly efficient help and 3) being too caught up in my own excitement to really care anyway.

My day started at 7:45am. I cooked a nice breakfast of eggs and bacon and headed to the site to help get the decorating underway. By 10:30am I was off to my hair appointment and enjoyed complete down time as my stylist twisted my hair into place and applied false lashes one-by-one. My mom and sister took turns feeding me bits of chicken and salad in-between applications as I tried to sit perfectly still.

Back on site, I made my mom go ahead of me to make sure Cory’s back was turned as I snuck upstairs to get dressed. From that moment on, my very capable personal attendants and host couples handled all the little details and let me focus on my (at that point) husband-to-be and enjoy being just utterly happy.

It was hot. Maybe 98 degrees. But there was a nice breeze and ample shade for our outdoor ceremony at Country Pines. Two long rows of trees formed a natural aisle that ended with a wooden arch which was draped with a single piece of flowing ivory fabric. The bridesmaids made their way to the front as Max sang and strummed his guitar. And when everyone stood, I took my brother’s arm and made my way to meet Cory.

25 minutes later, guests found a seat at our reception, just a few feet away, as the wedding party piled into a rented van for a quick trip to a local bar for a round of celebratory drinks.

Our band, On The Rocks, played the perfect rendition of Ray Charles “Come Rain or Come Shine” for our first dance. A slideshow of Cory and I, showing images of us at similar ages, side-by-side, played as we danced and I think I even sang along.

The video of my father and I played and I felt peace knowing even if he couldn’t be with us, that we had all taken a moment to remember him.

The food was amazing, the toasts were heartfelt and the music kept people moving til they kicked us out at midnight. After that, a few of us wandered downtown, still in our wedding attire (veil and all, for me) to end the evening. People honked, waved and high-fived us up and down O street. I had to look down every now and again to remind myself what all the fuss was about (“Oh yea, I’m in a giant white dress”).

Cory and I kept exchanging looks and saying “we’re married”. We’ll probably be doing that for a while …



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