Half way to baby BOY Scott!

At 20 weeks, the ultrasound tech rubbed goop all over my stomach and went to work.

Baby Scott lay perfectly still while she measured and recorded and made sure everything that was supposed to be in place, was. Kidneys, check. Spine, check.

It was amazing to see our baby, onscreen, curled up and floating in the space Cory has come to call my “baby cave”. The last time we’d seen the baby was at 6 weeks, and it didn’t look much like a baby at all – more like a grain of rice – but there was no mistaking the cute little creature this time. Baby all the way.

“I’m thinking it’s a boy …”

THAT is what we were waiting to hear. The gender reveal. And after a few failed attempts, we got a pretty clear view of what did, indeed, make baby Scott … baby BOY Scott.

I had been convinced from day 1 that he was a girl {Nope. So much for motherly intuition}. And I had to take a second to mentally shift from girly names, colors, clothing … But then I was completely stoked at the thought of a little guy who loved dinosaurs, dirt, cars, and noise – a boy that would want to grow up to be just like his dad.

We took video as he woke up, stretched, kicked, squirmed, and rolled – none of which I could feel… I think I watched that video 50 times over the next few days.

And then the following week, almost to the day, I REALLY felt him. It seemed to go from 0–100! There was no mistaking the hard pokes and prods. They were all over the place, and by the end of week 22, even Cory could feel it.

We’ve reached 24 weeks today.

I feel great – a little sluggish – and I have to force myself to avoid the sweets that sound so perfect right about now, aka, all the time.

I am thankful to watch my body gradually change to accommodate our boy. And minus a few depressing moments when I’ve realized there is absolutely no way I am wearing that shirt til next Spring … I’m taking my belly, the weird form my belly button has taken, and the extra chub on my arms and legs {everywhere, really} pretty much in stride.

Every day, almost all day, the baby reminds me he’s in there. And I couldn’t be happier. And this couldn’t be more awesome.


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