I can count the weeks on {almost} one hand!

Ok, not quite… more like one hand + 3 fingers … but it’s coming up SO fast!

I told myself I wouldn’t be one of those girls that posted “belly shots” – but I have to say, it has been really fun to look back and see the progression. The expansion. The … chub…ansion, ha!

Baby boy is now creeping up on 32 weeks. He rolls and kicks me all day, everyday. I love it. Sometimes I feel a heel or elbow pressing outwards and I give him a gentle little push back, only to jump at his sudden reaction to my touch. It’s amazing to be interacting with him already. Part of me will miss this time where I {selfishly} get him all to myself.

We’ve got the nursery {mostly} ready, a car seat {almost} bought, and drawers and drawers of space just waiting to be filled with diapers {that I also need to buy}! But most importantly, he’s got me {his food source, for at least the first 6 months} impatiently awaiting his arrival.

So I’d say that covers all the important stuff!

I’m still loving every minute of being pregnant! Even though my two favorite things in the whole world {eating and sleeping} have become somewhat of a challenge.

Everything gives me heartburn. Water gives me heartburn. Heartburn gives me more heartburn. Sugar is the worst offender, which is good, because that’s encouragement to avoid it – which I do. Sometimes. Rarely.

And as far as sleep is concerned, having to transition from being someone who could sleep til 10am or later every day to “wide-awake-at-7am” after an entire night of my left side falling asleep, my back aching, having to pee, needing a drink of water, my back aching again, my right arm falling asleep, and having to pee again (and again) has been just awful. BUT, I hear it is good practice for a newborn, so… yay!

I started sitting on an exercise ball at work to counter some of the aches and pains baby boy’s extra weight creates. It makes me feel very “I work at Google”-esque, but it’s worth it if it means walking brings less stabby-stab pains to my pelvic and tailbone area.

And on that note – I am officially finishing my last full week of work!! I can’t tell you how excited it makes me to think about days at home, prepping for baby {aka, napping}, followed by days and days of me hanging out with our new son. Bliss!

I’m constantly amazed by all these changes in my body {I never thought the day would come when tying my shoes would be one of my most daunting tasks}, and I often feel a mixture of gratitude, frustration, and anticipation when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

I can’t believe I get to carry this miracle. I can’t believe I’ve outgrown yet another maternity shirt. And I can’t wait to hit the gym next Spring…

but mostly – I just can’t wait to meet him.

One thought on “I can count the weeks on {almost} one hand!

  1. Love the photos, Jess! You will rock the napping, the baby growing, and eventually all things mommy related when little man comes. Yay!

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