Congratulations! It’s a lemon!

…or the size of one.

Or the size of a fist. There are actually quite a few random things that are supposedly the size of baby Scott at this point (14 weeks). We’ll go with a lemon.

I don’t really know how a lemon is secretly residing in there – a lump the size of a lemon growing inside me for any other reason should cause quite a bit of alarm. But Houdini-baby has managed to smoosh aside some pretty important organs or something and gone mostly unnoticed. Aka: I still hardly look pregnant. 

I am now officially entering the second trimester. Feeling pretty good. I can stomach eggs, broccoli, beef, sweet potatoes and all sorts of other fun healthy things again! Which is fantastic, since I don’t think I could have lasted another month of breads and pastas, as the bloating was getting pretty out of control. Those nights, I DID look pregnant. About 7 months pregnant.

Pasta and I faced-off this weekend. I attended the wedding of a friend and had ordered it as my meal option (we filled out the RSVP right at the peak of my food aversion stage), but as I eyed the glorious steak and chicken plates being set in front of guests around me … I was sad to stare down at my giant (seriously, huge. HUGE) bowl of overflowing noodles. Don’t get me wrong, they were amazing. Absolutely perfectly delicious…

But as of now, pasta and I are taking a break. It may pop up now and again as a side dish or as a drizzle on some main course. But the days of heaping bowls are over. And I am happy to see them go.

I went on a slow, short run last week. It’s a start. More will come, I’m sure. I may even get back up to a pace that can actually be considered “running” to most rational people.

We heard the heartbeat again! And after feeling almost completely normal (aka, symptom-free), it was kind of surprising to hear the healthy “thump thump thump” and be reminded that, yes, there is indeed a baby growing in there! I am now patiently (or not so patiently) waiting to feel his/her first movements. Which, in all honestly, may have already happened – but that I mistook for a side-effect of eating too much pasta.

I’m belching like Homer Simpson. It’s crazy. It grosses out Cory and occasionally surprises even me with the impressive volume and force. And everything makes me do it: water, fruit, rice, cupcakes … I have been told this is normal … ish.

I am ever-grateful for very flow-y shirts, that are so in-style these days. I’m still too small for maternity clothing, but uncomfortable in fitted outfits. I am pretty proud to still be in my smallest pair of skinny jeans (minus the whole being-able-to-button-them part. I have been utilizing the rubber band trick for weeks now, where that is concerned) which may, partially, be due to the fact that they are in desperate need of a good washing. But we know what happens to jeans in the wash. So they may just have to stay a little dirty forever.

And finally … round-ligament pain. Baby is getting bigger. Good! I am getting bigger. Good! So things are getting a little stretchy-stretchy in the abdomen area and my skin and muscles and ligaments are kind of having a little “wtf!” moment – and by moment, I mean, it’s pretty constantly achy-painy around there.

But it’s worth it. I’ll take the aches and pains and grossness and chubby legs (and chubby everything else) and too-small pants and weird smells and sounds and all the other fun stuff that’s coming to me!

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