Venue, vendors and details

I loved planning our wedding. LOVED it (maybe that’s why, almost two months later, I am still talking about it)! If you’re planning far enough in advance, snagging the location you want shouldn’t be too difficult, but it can become extremely overwhelming when faced with so many different options of vendors.

After our day was over, I knew the people and places I picked to provide the finishing touches were the right ones – for me. So for any brides in southeast Nebraska looking for suggestions, here ya go!

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Our wedding guest book on Etsy

Just weeks before our wedding, Cory wanted to change up the idea for our guest book. I was irritated. Didn’t he know we were too close to the wedding to be switching ideas NOW? We’d have to order something else! We’d have to buy more stuff! What was wrong with MY idea??

Well. He was onto something because I absolutely love how our “guest book” turned out. It’s unique. It looks fantastic displayed in our home and I get to enjoy it every single day.

Good job husband. You were right. Don’t get too used to hearing me say that …

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How to save $200 cleaning your wedding dress

After asking around for recommendations to clean and preserve my wedding dress, I got one piece of advice that made the most sense (and was the friendliest on my wallet – the cost of having your dress cleaned can be upwards of $150!): wash it yourself.

WHAT!? But this is some kind of magical garment whose seams will unravel and it wither to nothingness if it should come in contact with plain, common water and household detergent!

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And then there were two …

Friday, July 20 couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Seriously. All of the wedding horror stories about the band arriving late or the best man passing out … I waited for something, anything to go wrong but nothing did. I credit this to 1) careful planning 2) incredibly efficient help and 3) being too caught up in my own excitement to really care anyway.

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