Cloth diapers : how we do


Cloth. Diapers. I have been very fortunate to have a few mom-friends who forged the way before me…

I wasn’t totally convinced cloth diapering was something I wanted/would want to do. It seemed like a lot of work. I wasn’t sure of the cost-saving benefits. You might have to actually {ew} touch {ew} poop.

Oh yea, this post contains poop talk. You’ve been warned.

Here’s how we do it …

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Baby Scott’s dinosaur mobile

I am extremely proud of how cute Baby Scott’s mobile turned out! Cory says the Dr better be right about the baby being a boy … I say slap some bows on ‘em and we’d have ourselves some girl-friendly prehistoric critters!

But I’m not too worried. The intense shoving and pushing going on in my uterus right now tells me this kiddo is ALL BOY.

I purchased the felt pattern from Umecrafts (I used some creative liberties and added my own pterodactyl “pattern” – as well as the adorable spots on each dino) and a baby mobile kit off of Amazon. 12+ hours of felt-cutting and hand-stitching later (being sure to thread a string thru each dino’s body to make it mobile-ready) and … voila! Instant baby-pleasin eye candy to go over the crib!

Photos of the full nursery coming soon!

Our wedding guest book on Etsy

Just weeks before our wedding, Cory wanted to change up the idea for our guest book. I was irritated. Didn’t he know we were too close to the wedding to be switching ideas NOW? We’d have to order something else! We’d have to buy more stuff! What was wrong with MY idea??

Well. He was onto something because I absolutely love how our “guest book” turned out. It’s unique. It looks fantastic displayed in our home and I get to enjoy it every single day.

Good job husband. You were right. Don’t get too used to hearing me say that …

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