My birth story


Saturday, February 8

Around 5pm I started to feel what I could only think were contractions. Nothing timeable – totally random. They were gone by morning, but what took their place was a nasty head cold.

Sunday, February 9

5pm again, stronger feelings. These seemed like the real deal. I could time them {20 min apart}, and they hit like a subtle wave, going thru my body starting in my back. It wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t sleep – which I did, thinking we’d be going to the hospital by morning – but I also had to fight with a mild fever that had latched onto my ongoing head cold. These contractions, too, eventually disappeared. Luckily, so did my fever.

Awesome. This could be my life for the next week or more – anxiously analyzing pangs and pains, only to be disappointed. That’s the wonderful thing about being close to labor, every single sign that says “this could be it” only means it could be hours, or weeks away!
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